this week

This month we’ve GONE FISHIN’!! It just seems perfect since this month is all about Jesus and how He taught the disciples to be fishers of men. How did they learn to be fishers of men? Well, they followed Jesus! And, we want our preschoolers to know that they can follow Jesus too!

We’ll start the month with the man who introduced Jesus to the world. He even baptized Him.

Story Focus: John told people that Jesus is special. John the Baptist was famous in his own right, but he was just preparing the way for Jesus. When Jesus came to the river, John told everyone how special Jesus is.

During week two, we’ll hear Jesus say, “Follow Me” to four different men.

Story Focus: Jesus says, “Follow Me.” When Jesus asks you to follow Him, you drop whatever you’re doing and follow Him. Preschoolers will hear how four different fishermen went from fishing for fish to being fishers of men.

In week three, we’ll stick to the idea of “Follow Me” and meet Matthew the tax collector.

Story Focus: Anyone can follow Jesus. Even though Matthew had made some bad choices and wasn’t liked by the masses, he still followed Jesus when He asked. We can all follow Jesus, even when we’ve made bad choices.

We’ll end the month with a celebration. Week four is Palm Sunday, and Palm Sunday is a party!

Story Focus: We celebrate Jesus because He is special. Yes, Jesus is special. He is God’s Son. When the people heard He was coming to town, they were excited and they yelled, “Hosanna! Hossana! Yay Jesus!”

This is going to be a wonderful month as we help preschoolers prepare to celebrate the biggest act of love ever  known to man …Easter. And when they’re old enough to hear Jesus say, ‘Follow me,’ we want them to be ready to say yes!