this week

Pretty much anything a preschooler can do falls into the WATCH THIS category, simply because they think anything they learn how to do deserves a WATCH THIS moment. This month we’re going to run with that theme and the words ‘WATCH THIS!’ will be said . . . A LOT! We want to invite preschoolers to WATCH THIS as we do a few impressive things so we can lead them to the ONE who can do ANYTHING!

Week 1 – Story Focus: Jesus can do things we can’t. Peter wasn’t able to catch fish on his own. But, with Jesus, his
nets were filled! Only Jesus can do that! Jesus can do anything.

Week 2 – Story Focus:Jesus can do what is impossible. I can’t walk on water. Can you? Can your preschoolers? No. We can’t. It’s impossible for us. But, nothing is impossible for Jesus. Jesus can do anything.

Week 3 – Story Focus: Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Feeding all those people seemed an impossible task for the
disciples. But, nothing is too hard for Jesus to do. Jesus can do anything.

Week 4 – Story Focus: Jesus can do anything. Preschoolers love watching water turn into super fancy party drink. Only, we have to use drink powder to make it happen. Jesus did it all by Himself because Jesus can do anything.