Senior Adults

Fellowship Class*: This gathering of friends from working age to golden age began as a young couple’s class over 40 years ago. The class welcomes both couples and singles for lively Bible discussion. They are a part of the teacher rotation***. As their name implies, they also enjoy occasional outings for fun and fellowship. They meet in room A-8 in the Main Building.

Friends Class: This class of middle to older couples and singles is taught by long-time teacher Bob Hare, who leads the class through the Bible using the Adult Bible Series. Lecture and discussion format is used. They meet in room 205 in the Main Building.

Cora Carlock Class: This class of single senior adults meets in the Cora Carlock Chapel. Jim Bradley leads the class in the Adult Bible Studies series encompassing Old and New Testament lessons. This class meets in the Carlock Chapel in the Main Building.

Wesley Class*: This class of seniors (mature adults) participates in the teacher rotation. This is a friendly and active group of folks who serve the church and their community in many areas. This class meets in room A-1 of the Main Building.

*Class participates in a Teacher Rotation: Instructors in the teacher rotation present 8-12 week studies on spiritual growth topics, as well as on specific books of the Bible.