Our Beliefs

Most of all, we believe in grace. And not just any grace, but in the forgiving grace of God. Because God has offered forgiveness to us in his son, Jesus, we also believe in extending grace toward one another. That means that we can be authentic about who we are and the things about which we struggle. In a world that admires getting ahead, we believe Christ is the one who makes us whole. We are all equal in our need for Him. There are many places in our church life where you can receive and extend grace – retreats, small groups, worship services, Sunday School classes, mission trips, ministry opportunities.

We hold in common with all Christians a faith in the mystery of salvation in and through Jesus Christ. At the heart of the gospel of salvation is God’s incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth. Scripture witnesses to the redeeming love of God in Jesus’ life and teachings, his atoning death, his resurrection, his sovereign presence in history, his triumph over the powers of evil and death, and his promised return. Because God truly loves us in spite of our willful sin, God judges us, summons us to repentance, pardons us, receives us by that grace given to us in Jesus Christ, and gives us hope of life eternal.

We share with many Christian communions a recognition of the authority of Scripture in matters of faith, the confession that our justification as sinners is by grace through faith, and the sober realization that the church is in need of continual reformation and renewal.

With other Christians, we declare the essential oneness of the church in Christ Jesus. This rich heritage of shared Christian belief finds expression in our hymnody and liturgies. Our unity is affirmed in the historic creeds as we confess one holy, catholic, and apostolic church. It is also experienced in joint ventures of ministry and in various forms of ecumenical cooperation.