30s,40s & 50s

Foundations Class: This class of young adults selects their topics for study and participates in fellowship and mission projects. They meet in room C-2 of the Main Building.

Love Class: This intergenerational class of singles and couples utilizes teachers within the class to bring insight and discussion of various topics in the scriptures and spiritual growth issues. The class often includes a video series from popular Bible Studies. They meet in room 116 of the Colvert Ministry Center.

Journey Class*: The Journey Class is a Sunday School for adults of all ages who yearn to know more about God’s word. The class explores both the context in which the scriptures were written and their application in our lives today. The Journey Class provides a comfortable setting for class members and guests to study and discuss the scriptures regardless of level of understanding of the Word of God. Led by a variety of well-versed instructors, specific scriptures or entire Books of the Bible are studied at 2 month intervals. This class meets in room A-9 of the Main Building.

*Class participates in a Teacher Rotation: Instructors in the teacher rotation present 8-12 week studies on spiritual growth topics, as well as on specific books of the Bible.